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Natural ways to overcome this problem can take time.Dramamine will quickly begin working on your dog, but you can also do things to avoid canine kinetosis in the first place.Slight lethargy tends to reduce feelings of motion sickness and this applies to your buddy too. Sometimes Dramamine is even used for treating Vestibular Disease in geriatrics.This idiopathic balance disturbance is often mistaken for a stroke!

Overdosing is quite easy and, unfortunately, occurs each and every day. It’s works for motion sickness, but dosing can be tricky. Pregnant dogs should never be administered Dramamine.

If something positive happened, Ram would jump in joy, but if a tiny negative thing happened, he wouldn't be able to control his rage.

Senthil explains that once when he told Ram about his disease, Ram smashed a glass bottle on his head.

Ram escapes from the house and while walking on the road, suddenly hit his head on a vehicle.

After that accident, Senthil couldn't see any other strange behavior from him. But he rejects medications thinking that Janani would know about the situation.

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The chemical name is Dimenhydrinate and it does suppress motion sickness in animals.

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