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My children had "aunties" D still calls her Godmother who is my best friend "auntie" GC have "aunties" too.

My DM (born 1909) called almost everyone outside the family Mr and Mrs and wouldn't entertain the idea of anyone not related being 'aunty' to me.

i know sounds probably daft but im just not sure how all this works lol Yep I used livelines.

Did it for a while and yes the pay is good and you do get regulars. It does suit people who can't work or prefer to stay at home.

Almost opposite me is one such family & both the children (who were & are delightful & now mid-20s) have been asked to call me by my first name, but will not, because they say it doesn't feel at all right to them!

I still call my mum's old neighbour who I've know since I was four, Mrs X even though she signs Cxxccxxas cards to me with her given name.

xxxxx are there any other text lines apart from 121?

I used to work for them and have reapplied but was rudely told they wouldnt employ people who used to work there Loved the work but had to quit when I was pregnant.

I would go back to it without a problem but ds still doesnt sleep through the night and I think a baby crying in the back ground may be off putting to some men!!!!Their children called my Mum "Auntie" but I called their Mum "Mrs X".When my children were growing up, they called our friends by their first names and when I go to the school to read with children they call me by first name, at my request.You set your own charge per minute, the company takes a percentage and you take the rest.You dont have set hours of work, when you are "available", you just log on and click your button so you show up as available on the website, then you receive calls.

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