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Even though the classic wide-eyed, sweet-talking human teenage girl is still the standard, some of the characters in ) takes its inspiration from the subjects of famous Western masterworks.

Besides the Mona Lisa (who tells the player not to "worry about her eyebrows") and Botticelli's Venus, it features Liberty from Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People, a genderbent Van Gogh (who asks the player his favorite flower, although all the choices are sunflowers), Goya's Maja in both clothed and nude forms, Munch's The Scream (reacting to a break-up), the Creation panel from the Sistine Chapel (representing "the happy ending"), and Picasso's Guernica (representing "the bad ending").

Created by Hato Moa, Hatoful is a visual-novel style dating simulator, a choose-your-own-adventure type game where the player makes decisions at key points to try and make other characters fall in love with them.

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604078-Hatoful-Boyfriend), and telling my buddy about it, and now his wife wants to play a dating sim. This is not a request which my life experience to date has prepared me to fulfill. It wants an English translation, obviously; free or at least demo-equipped would be nice; if there's any Western ones that are any good, that would be nice too.

D...― If there's a series that seeks to challenge the theory of diminishing returns, it's One Piece.

Eiichiro Oda's monstrous epic is the highest selling manga of all time, but its absurd length still keeps plenty of peop...― It's a good thing that this is the final book in the “other other world” arc, because while there is technically enough plot to round the volume out, it is feeling a little thin.

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The “story that starts cute and innocent but then takes a horrifyingly dark and gritty turn” formula is a tried and true way to gain short-lived Internet infamy, but when Hatoful Boyfriend’s candy-coated exterior melts away and everything goes egg-shaped, the two stories dovetail surprisingly well.

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