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Crouch's actions also caused "tremendous harm" to his family, the people who worked for him and how the Wake County Courthouse operates."It's caused great harm to the practice of law and how we'll be able to practice law in this district and how we'll be able to do the business that the people expect us to do because of the level of distrust created because of this defendant's conduct," Willoughby said.Crouch also damaged the public's faith in the court system."Our public expects lawyers to demand justice and be fair and do what's right. Crouch violated his clients' trust," Wake County Assistant District Attorney Boz Zellinger said.She was among a number of people Crouch apologized to Tuesday."I know more than anyone that I do apologize to this court, and first and foremost, to Judge Ruth," he said. The consequences to her, I feel responsible for, and I will have to live with that for the rest of my life.I hope, at some point in her life, that she will forgive me."But District Attorney Colon Willoughby said Ruth, a highly respected judge who had the potential to go on to the state Court of Appeals or state Supreme Court, was not the only victim of the crime.Getting added as an authorized user is one way to jumpstart your credit profile since you gain a new account and there’s no inquiry.In my last article about adding an authorized user, I actually did a test case where I added my girlfriend(now fiancee) as an AU on my Amex Gold card and her score went up by 7 points.

Everyone wants to know things like what type of monitoring services they should use or how they can increase their score in the shortest amount of time.

It didn’t make a huge difference but it was a quick and effective way to boost her credit score.

Each case is different but generally the worse your score and the higher the limit is on the card you’re added to, the higher your increase will be.

If you’ve never had an account before, that part of your score will be weak.

But at the same time, since you’ve never had an account you won’t have any inquiries either which should help your score.

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