Computer crashes when updating to sp2

We put these at the top, hoping that it will cover 90% of questions and cut down noise in the forum. [1] [2] For extra credit, contemplate why this might have changed. Don't waste time asking, it will only make us angry. If a game really doesn't work, no matter what you try, you can submit a bug report for the game. If you are running De Smu ME on a laptop, then a laptop cooler might help.

If you can't make it work, then give up and go buy the cart. If you create new threads in our forum about these games, don't be surprised if they get closed or deleted depending on how obnoxious they are. Uncheck display input De Smu ME is a very CPU demanding app.

You may also consult to easily identify the save type for your game. Due to constant internal changes in De Smu ME, it is possible that a save state created with one version may not work with another version of De Smu ME.

First of all, check that the host hardware is configured for best performance: Note that increasing the execution speed does not mean that De Smu ME is doing less emulation.

In fact, De Smu ME must emulate every single frame regardless of execution speed, even if De Smu ME doesn't necessarily show it (most likely, De Smu ME will begin dropping video and audio frames at high execution speeds). To achieve higher execution speeds, you will need to configure De Smu ME to operate at the highest performance possible.

In 0.9.6 some save files are invalidated due a change in emulation. What's worse, the game will detect that its save data is invalid and wipe it when it boots up. You should have heeded the warning we put on our press release.

The only known game which does this is Dawn of Sorrow, but there may be others.

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It is not a high priority since nobody yet has proven that they actually need the external firmware.

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