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And then it happened, she felt hands of steel on her hips as she was unmercifully pulled deeper and deeper onto Mike’s rigid cock, all this she could feel through her own orgasm.Mike cried out and the hot gush of his semen burst out of him, soaking the inside of Amy’s pussy, so much was there that as he pushed in and out, some of it leaked onto Amy’s leg and she reached down and took it onto her finger and she then tasted her Master.As Amy’s fingers begin to soap Mike’s penis she can feel that familiar warm glow beginning from between her legs, a tingling, an itch that is oh so much in need of scratching.Her fingers slide along the length of Mike’s cock, feeling the tissues beginning to swell a she gently slides back his foreskin exposing the large purple tip.She feels his cock nudging against the outside of her pussy and then the tip finding its way into the moist opening.All at once Mike forces all of his cock into Amy, she gasps with the surprise and the pleasure, her arms bending with the force of Mikes entry.She is wearing nothing but her collar, it glistens in the steamy air and she reaches up and strokes it, remembering her Master’s touch as he fastened it there.

Mike lifts her up, gently sliding out of her pussy and gestures to the bathroom floor, Amy steps out of the bath and Mike follows, he smiles at her and points to the sink, Amy bends forwards over the sink and Mike pushes his cock back into her waiting pussy, this was better as Amy could now see her Master as he fucked her, because she could see him in the full length mirror, she could see his hands on her hips, see his buttocks clenched as they pushed forward and back and could see the shaft of his cock as it pulled out of her, only to be plunged back in again and again.The bath now full and at just the right temperature she turns off the taps and turns to the door.Amy opens the door and calls softly to her Master, she then kneels, sitting back on her heels, arms outstreatched and resting on her knees with the wrists crossed and waits patiently.Mike enters the bathroom and looks down at Amy, he is well pleased with her and smiles gently down on her, he gestures and Amy rises gracfully. Mike steps into the bath, not testing the temperature, knowing that Amy will have got it just right.Amy takes a jug and pours some of the warm scented water over Mike, next, she lathers some soap in her hands and then starts to massage the soap over Mike’s body.

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