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Usagi is, in both the manga and the anime, 14 years old and a second-year junior high school student.Mamoru, on the other hand, ranges between him being 16 at the start of the manga I’d say it’s safe to put the manga aside, then, and to say that there are no real implications there.The tip seemed to fall and become droopy whilst the scars on the inside of both nostrils became more and more visible to people as the months went on with the main incision scar on the right nostril appeared to open a bit more and also droop down to become more visible/obvious.4 years removed from the open rhinoplasty my nose looks drastically different than it did when the cast was removed and it has come to the point where I am highly depressed and have very bad anxiety due to a few people saying things like "did you get a botched nose job" etc etc..I went to the original surgeon and he said he wouldn't do a revision and told me "I probably have body dysmorphia" (obsessing over body parts) which really really hurt me as I was absolutely confidently sure I had no symptoms of irrational obsessive behaviors as such and that what I was describing was clear to so many other people who actually said it to me aswell, but not to him.

I know it must be annoying for another person to ask you guys to email them with more info but I would truly be eternally grateful with all my heart if you guys could help me with any information at all you think may be helpful. I sustained a broken nose when I was 16 in a football game which caused a visible hump on the bridge of my nose which gave a 'beakish' look to my nose which I always got slagged about. He will be charged an sentenced to a minimum of 3 years state penitentiary with 5 years parole and will be forever on the registered sex offenders list. It is absolutely illegal for him to touch her in any single sexual way whatsoever. You cannot legally have sex with them if you are more than 5 years older than they are, when they're under the age of 18. "his name" in the case of statutory rape against "her name" in the court of law.Now I know people are throwing down their pens here and saying that I’m being overly pedantic and that Usagi and Mamoru are deeply in love and that no one in their right mind would call this a crime. So for once, common sense actually wins in a discussion about the law and human interactions!In short, though their relationship is on shakier ground in the anime than in the manga, their relationship is totally fine as long as the law is concerned.

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At 21, after years of being seriously depressed with the way I looked I finally gathered the courage to go ahead with a rhinoplasty. At first I was happy that the hump part had vanished and I felt hopeful to be content in life with the look of my nose.

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