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Listen to the Blind Living Podcast with Empish Thomas Blind Living Radio is brought to you by HP Ink and Toner Cartridges. Precision engineered to work together with your HP Printer. We really, you know, came upon your blog and we are just really interested in what you had to say and wanted to hear a little bit more and share with our listeners. Harley: And you know one of the things Cara and I were talking about before we called you is really how does a blind person really get into the dating game? But a lot of visual things that happen when you are interacting that someone who has limited vision issues can miss out on. And we get together once a month on a conference call to kind of come up with topics, ideas, and things that we think people would want to know about. And with that we will head into a commercial break. Some I didn't and I thought well what did I do when I was sighted? Or maybe you are at a networking function at your job. And you can meet people right there at those same spots. Harley: And that's a great thing too cause you're confident because you are familiar with those environments. And you're relaxed and you are in a familiar place. That way you already have someone you're familiar with. Empish: (laughs) Cara: Empish, I think you touched on some really good points about taking your current situation and just seeing what your opportunities are. So go slow and continue to go through the onine message. Well, thanks so much for taking some time out of your day to talk with us today. Well, if you are visually-impaired or blind then that doesn't quite work so well. Cara: I didn't want to interrupt but I completely agree. We have some peer advisers that are in Australia and other places. Cara: You know, we had touched on a little bit briefly about how you get into it. And I think to bridge on that a little bit, you had mentioned that you had lost your sight when you were about 25. What are some of the differences that you have really noticed and what are some things that you can tell our listeners about that maybe you found successful and some helpful tips. Cara: Ya, and I think just being really understanding or at least in my experience it has always been the more you understand about who you are and are good with who you are going into a relationship, the better the relationship will be. Harley: And we are joined on the phone with Empish Thomas from Atlanta, Georgia. I think sometimes when you lose your vision you think 'Oh gosh, I gotta start my life off all over again because I'm blind. And you just get a profile and then whatever they're saying. But a guy could write his number down and give it to you. There's some misnomers on things that you may have to navigate around that people may make assumptions about you because you have a disability that you have to tackle when you are looking at dating someone. Harley: Empish, for our listening audience, can you take a minute and kind of tell folks what you do for a career and why we called you. So I do work helping people who are visually-impaired, newly blind and visually-impaired and what I do is public education and community outreach. We are all visually impaired all over the country and also international. Cara: So how do you feel dating before the age of 25 versus dating after the age of 25 where you had sight compared to when you had no sight? So far everything that you've said about the confidence part is really important. Some things I realized I didn't have to reinvent the wheel all over again. Cara: What do you think about online dating for those that have visual impairments or those who are blind? Like with Facebook or any other social media or whatever online, people can lie and not be truthful to you. Ya, it does because I was sighted for about 25 years. So you know when you are sighted, you can see the person you are dating, have eye contact, look at them across the room. Now you can do things with your cellphone and things like that. So you know, I can definitely relate to what you're saying on that and I think probably most of our listeners can as well. I'm in the Atlanta area and I work at a vision rehabilitation center here in Atlanta. I'll be doing a vendor table there and handing out literature, talking about the organization that I work for, getting the word out about what we do and how we can help people who just lost their vision and how they can be more independent, get their life back, get back on their feet. So a bunch of us get together and we come up with different ideas on topics and things to put on Vision Aware. Empish: I lost it over time and yeah, I'm totally blind now. Harley: And I think dating even as sighted people, I think the same thing applies. Empish: Well, you know, it's interesting that you ask me that question. You don't know who you are dealing with compared to face to face interaction. Industries for the Blind presents Blind Living Radio by where you'll hear interesting topics, fun stories, and important news about our blind and visually-impaired community. I think in any relationship whether you are dating or whether you're just in a friendship, I think both people should be equal partners with one another and do nice things for one another on holidays and I think to a large extent, knowing the history behind Valentine's Day, the fact that it started with a beheading, I mean, tends to put a little bit of damper on the actual day itself for people. Harley: Do you find dating as a blind person a little different, Cara? And we've worked so hard to set up a special guest on blind dating.

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Harley: (laughs) Empish: I think I do know what you mean. Back in the day, we could exchange numbers on paper. I mean as a person with a disability, I think I've encountered those in romantic settings that think that maybe it's not quite as much of an equal partnership because I'm coming at it with a disability versus you know being with somebody but you know what, everybody has something going on. I work with our blog and I also do presentations and public speaking. I'll be doing one tomorrow for Foundation for Fighting Blindness. That's where you guys saw the blog post where I'm a peer adviser. I'm trying to remember what did I do back then when I was in college and so dating in college is totally different than dating as an adult. If you don't feel comfortable in your skin as a person with a vision impairment, if you are still maybe grappling with your sight loss or maybe haven't quite dealt with that, that's gonna come out in your romantic life. Cara: So, Empish, you and I were chatting a little bit and I think our audience would really be interested about what are some of the best tips and ways that you found to be successful in the dating world after you lost your sight. Empish: You know, I was reading some articles about they do it on your phone now, your smartphone. Because I say if you are gonna do online dating, go slow because people can put up false profiles. So, yeah, I would definitely agree with taking it slow and seeing where things go especially as people who may not be able to see some things right away.

The confidence can be a big factor and really feeling comfortable in your skin and who you really are as a person can be a big factor in dating. Harley: We are in the season of love and beheadings. Harley: Let's, we should probably jump back in love life. I'm a little bit of a Debbie Downer around Valentine's Day. Harley: During the break, you had a great idea that you and Empish should talk about. And I did follow the online cautionary details and information and stuff like that. I mean taking extra precautions online just because again there can be some societal perceptions that you are battling against and you want to make extra sure that when you are meeting somebody in person that would be up to their online reputation.

Thomas, Vision Aware Peer Advisor Making adjustments to vision loss can be very challenging. Cara: Um, you know, I really don't think it's that much different. Cara: How many - I was going to say, how many days have you been married? Cara: I need to dig into your lovelife a little bit.

Learning new ways to travel safely in and outside the home can be daunting. I think you run into the same struggles, some of the same great things. Harley: My love life is not for discussion today, I don't think.

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