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Leo Samama was on the board of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam as the orchestra’s artistic advisor (1988-1994) and was head of the orchestra’s artistic department as a delegate of the board (1991-1993).

He took the whole of the year 2000 off from conducting in order to focus on compositiona choral composer of the older generation for whom dodecaphony was a rejuvenating force.One might call him unique among Finnish composers, a sort of musical dissenter.In his radical early period, Salmenhaara experimented with a variety of composition techniques not yet widely used in Finland, such as aleatorics and playing the piano directly on the strings, as in Suoni successivi (1962) for piano.He wrote a total of ten Symphonies (1939–89), and twelve Sinfoniettas in his late perioda celebrated player of the viol.He is most likely one and the same with Jean de Sainte-Colombe, and father to Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe le fils.

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