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This detailed architectural post was authored by Surendra Verma, a development manager on our Storage and File System team, though, as with every feature, a lot of folks contributed.We have also used the FAQ approach again in this post.Having a single structure significantly simplifies the system and reduces code.The new engine interface includes the notion of “tables” that are enumerable sets of key-value pairs.Of course at the application level, Re FS stored data will be accessible from clients just as NTFS data would be.As you read this, let’s not forget that NTFS is by far the industry’s leading technology for file systems on PCs.In fact, we utilize B trees as the single common on-disk structure to represent all information on the disk.Trees can be embedded within other trees (a child tree’s root is stored within the row of a parent tree).

As we go through these attributes, keep in mind the history of producing file systems used by hundreds of millions of devices scaling from the smallest footprint machines to the largest data centers, from the smallest storage format to the largest multi-spindle format, from solid state storage to the largest drives and storage systems available.

Yet at the same time, Windows file systems are accessed by the widest array of application and system software anywhere. We didn’t start from scratch, but reimagined it where it made sense and built on the right parts of NTFS where that made sense.

Above all, we are delivering this in a pragmatic manner consistent with the delivery of a major file system—something only Microsoft has done at this scale.

Re FS, (which stands for Resilient File System), is built on the foundations of NTFS, so it maintains crucial compatibility while at the same time it has been architected and engineered for a new generation of storage technologies and scenarios.

In Windows 8, Re FS will be introduced only as part of Windows Server 8, which is the same approach we have used for each and every file system introduction.

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Therefore in building Re FS, we reused the code responsible for implementing the Windows file system semantics.

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