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] “She still has student debt, recently consolidated, as well as some credit card debt (almost all gone),” the reader added.But I’ve bailed out significant others before and I have vowed to never do that again without being married.

She has a great voice, but she's not in there - it's just a similar sound and style."Are you a fan of hers?Sumo también se podría decir que es el mejor amigo de Clarence.Es muy bromista y tiene una mente retorcida pero de gran corazón.Those catchy, glittery beats, some smooth crooning and, if we were lucky, a guest verse or two; it was an easy recipe for radio success.Maybe 'Angel', maybe 'Neck It' or the Chris Brown one 'Love Me Girl'."You've worked with a lot of artists including Lil Wayne, Ashanti and Ludacris; are there any more UK artists you'd like to work with?

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