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The romantic comedy Home Again represents Hallie Meyers-Shyers debut as a film director.

Youd be right to contend that the 30-year-olds inaugural effort doesnt quite play in the same league with Father of the Bride and Private Benjamin,.

Those elements include cinematography (an amalgam here of emotion-oozing extreme close-ups, cinma vrit and plenty of quick takes paralleling the chaos aboard the titular oil rig Right off the bat Ill give in to temptation and say The Magnificent Seven (a remake of the similarly titled 1960 flick, itself a remake of Akira Kurosawas Seven Samurai from 1954) is a magnificent motion picture.

I realize the year still has five-plus weeks to go, and also realize I havent seen every movie released during 2016s first 11 months. In any case, weve all heard (probably from some high school English teacher justifying including The Scarlet Letter or Silas Marner on a syllabus) that excellent literature need not be synonymous with entertainment.

Film is a form of literature - so maybe the names Scorsese and Spielberg will someday join Dylan on the roster of U. Trolls is, in part, an animated 3-D variation on the Cinderella story, with equivalents of the heroine and her glass slipper, Prince Charming and his palace, the wicked stepmother, and the fairy godmother.

Good things come in groups of three, our English composition teacher told us 40-odd years back, when we were college freshmen.

I doubt whether the Dutch-born director Michael Dudok de Wit had the same teacher, but maybe he received the same advice. The gentle - and puzzlingly R-rated - dramedy Paterson, complete with a twins motif (identical twins of both genders and various ages appear in cameos throughout), bears that bromide out.

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